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Santa Barbara

617 N Salsipuedes Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

What's Inside?

Located in a large industrial space with multiple workout arenas and a boxing ring. Bouncy floor matswith loads of punching bags, as well as a workout room with weights. 

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5940 Calle Real

Goleta, CA 93117

What's Inside?

Our brand new location featuring an open floor plan with two main sections and an outdoor workout area.  

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Instructor - Adam benShea

Adam benShea


Adam benShea is a native of Santa Barbara. As a teenager, he began his Jiu-Jitsu training under Franjinha. In June 2006, Adam received his black belt from Franjinha. Adam has a long history in competitive grappling. Some of his more notable accomplishments were winning the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu California State, Pan American, and World Championships. These days he is more focused on teaching and coaching BJJ. Aside from BJJ, Adam has a background in wrestling and Judo. Adam graduated from UC Santa Barbara, attained his MA from Indiana University, and he recently completed his PhD from Emory University. He is also the coauthor of the Amazon bestselling series, Jailhouse Strong, which covers physical culture and training.

Head Kickboxing Instructor - Aaron Mendoza

Aaron Mendoza

Head Kickboxing Instructor

Aaron with over 18 years of martial arts experience runs the kickboxing program at Paragon. Aaron started his martial arts journey at the ripe age of 21 when he took his five year-old son to his first Taekwondo class in Santa Barbara. He spent the next five years training in the arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido. After getting the opportunity to train at the Kukkiwon, in Seoul, Korea he tested for his second degree black-belt in Taekwondo. He continued training in different stand-up styles with various instructors, learning methods that he found effective and practical for a challenging, yet, fun workout that he would later utilize in his career as a kickboxer. The philosophy in his classes are simplicity in technique but become proficient through repetition so that it becomes second nature if it is ever required. Aaron is certified under the Kukkiwon as a second degree Black belt, a certified kickboxing and Muay Thai instructor under the World Kickboxing Federation, Cardio-kickboxing instructor through Fitour and amateur boxing instructor under the United State Amateur Boxing, Inc. Aaron is an excellent instructor and his hands on approach to kickboxing helps make the sport easy to learn and fun.

Instructor - Arturo Rios

Arturo Rios


Arturo Rios' passion for martial arts began 8 years ago while training boxing with Coach Joe. Upon joining Paragon, Arturo transitioned into mixed martial arts. Arturo actively competes in both boxing and MMA, holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and specializes in complex striking techniques. Not only does Arturo train in every discipline we offer at Paragon, but he also teaches our kids’ boxing and kickboxing classes.

Wrestling Instructor - Chris Hamman

Chris Hamman

Wrestling Instructor

Hailing from the Eastern port town of Baltimore, MD, Chris arrived in Santa Barbara four years ago with nothing but a truck and a dream to rock climb. After training Santa Barbara's climbing community, Chris decided to rekindle his passion for wrestling, a sport to which he had previously devoted five miserably satisfying years of his life. Chris hopes to share his passion for the sport with Santa Barbara's increasingly active community.

Founder - Franjinha


Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Founder Head Instructor

Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller has being teaching and competing for the last 15 years with many titles in regional, national and international competitions. With his black belt, Ricardo set for himself challenges extending beyond Brazil. In 1996 he came to the United States to compete and to teach. He proved to be successful at both. With American partner Mike Florimbi, the Paragon Academy of Martial Arts was founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara. Under Ricardo’s hands-on direction as coach and fighter, Paragon Santa Barbara has become a powerhouse for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in California. Ricardo and competitor-level students have dominated in regional, state, and international tournaments. In addition, Paragon has become a community force for recreational Jiu-Jitsu, a resource for law enforcement, and developer of ongoing physical training and self-defense programs for young people, adults, seniors, and women. With the success of the Santa Barbara school, "Franjinha" opened a Ventura location as well as affiliate schools in Lompoc and Santa Maria.

Instructor - John Sandoval

John Sandoval


A Paragon black belt, John enjoys teaching and is a fierce competitor. After coming to Paragon, he has lost over 70 pounds and won a no gi world title. Along with the physical transformation, John credits Jiu Jitsu with improving his mental outlook on life. He teaches kids BJJ class and the early morning adult class.

Boxing Instructor - Joe Pommier

Joe Pommier

Boxing Instructor

With his encyclopedic knowledge of boxing, Joe is an incredible resource for serious fighters and casual boxing enthusiasts alike. Along with amassing an impressive amateur record 79-6, Joe won prestigious titles like the US District Championship and gold at the National Blue & Gold tournament. During his pugilistic career, he was ranked in the top four in the country. Previously the head trainer at Primo Boxing, Joe has over twenty years of coaching experience. He currently teaches kids and adult classes. However, he has a wide range of coaching experiences, from working with top level professional fighters (MMA and boxing) to complete beginners.

Instructor - Victor Villanueva

Victor Villanueva


Paragon black belt Victor Villanueva is proof of the transformative power of Jiu Jitsu. Through his training in BJJ, Victor learned that with hard work and dedication he can reach all of his goals on and off the mat.

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