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Wrestling & MMA

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Wrestling & MMA

Our wrestling program mixes the best of Greco Roman, freestyle, and folkstyle wrestling. We place a particular focus on takedowns and takedown defense. The mat work that is taught and drilled is designed to teach the students how to control and breakdown their opponent. Strong control on the mat is a skill critical for success in MMA competition, grappling tournaments, and self-defense situations. We stress the notion that there is no advantage to taking your opponent to the mat/ground, if you can't control the top position. We also show some of the escapes and reversals that will serve students in tournament and self-defense circumstances.

Through numerous competitions it has been proven that wrestling is an essential tool for success. This wrestling class is part of Paragon's goal to best prepare our students by presenting a well rounded grappling program involving takedowns, control positions, and submissions.

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Our MMA classes are geared for the more advanced student who already has multiple years of experience in grappling and striking. The idea of this class is to prepare those who are interested in amateur and/or professional MMA competition. The class is a mixture of drilling techniques, conditioning, and live sparring. The intent to compete is not required for participation in this class, however the class will be run with the plan to prepare students for competition.

Minimum experience needed to attend:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training (2 years)
  • Boxing or Kickboxing training (2 years)
  • Sparring and ring experience (1 year)
  • Wrestling experience (1 year)