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Kids Boxing Class

The kids boxing classes are an hour in length and will teach your child the basics of boxing in a fast-paced, challenging, and fun environment. Your child will learn to skip rope, work basic combinations on the mits, proper footwork, defensive movements and heavy bag work. This will be a challenging workout for your child, but trust us, they will love it!

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of the class, boxing is also a great way for your child to improve their discipline, focus, and determination. Many of our students have shown great improvements in their behavior, both at home and school, thanks to the mental toughness they have developed in boxing class.

We split the boxing class into two groups, making it fun and challenging for kids from four to fourteen years old. For the younger kids we keep the drills simple, allowing them to learn the techniques while mixing in fun games and exercises. As the kids get older and more technical, we push them mentally with more challenging combinations and exercises while still keeping the class fun and engaging.

Once your child turns fourteen, or is invited by an instructor, they may attend the Adult Boxing Program.

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