Jiu-Jitsu FAQ | Paragon Academy

Will I get hurt?

Injuries are a part of any intense sport and should be expected during the course of your training and development. However, preventative care and maintaining a positive attitude will make all the difference in your recovery. If you experience an injury, make sure you get medical attention from a healthcare provider as soon as possible and inform your coaches at Paragon. Even if you are temporarily unable to participate, showing up to watch class and ask questions is a great way to continue learning.

Do I have to wash this uniform after every class?

Yes! And wash yourself while you're at it. We are dedicated to maintaining immaculate hygiene at Paragon (our mats are washed and disinfected twice a day) and we expect the same from our students. Any grappling sport exposes you to various bacterial and fungal infections, but you will be fine if you follow these steps:

  • Wash ALL your gear (uniform, belts, rash guards, ear guards, etc.) after every lesson. DO NOT wear the same gear for more than one lesson, even on the same day.
  • Shower after every class. It is important to shower as soon as possible, preferably with an antimicrobial soap (Arm Bar Soap is available at the front desk, though Head and Shoulders shampoo is also antimicrobial and may also be used as a body wash). There are two showers in the locker room available for students.
  • Wear your shoes in the locker rooms and bathrooms so you don't track germs onto the mats.
  • Regularly inspect your skin. If you suspect you have a skin infection, see a physician right away and DO NOT train until you are medically cleared to do so.

I keep screwing up in class. Is there something wrong with me?

In BJJ, you have to lose to win. The more ways you mess up on the mat and in training the more ways you have to improve and learn. Everyday you should find new ways to fail so you can work on your weaknesses and develop faster. When you learn new techniques in class, it is important to try them during positional training and rolling though you will likely make mistakes. Each time you try a technique that fails, you have the opportunity to learn from the mistake you made and fix it in the future. Most importantly, don't be the student who only uses his "A" game and worries about winning in training. The only way people get good at this sport is the humbling nature of losing over and over while developing your game.

I want to learn more. What should I do?

BJJ is a very complex sport, and extra instruction is a great help for our students. Please speak with your instructor about setting up a private lesson. These lessons can be tailored with your instructor to focus on any weaknesses in your game or set up a game plan designed for your body type, athletic ability, and skill level. Our instructors offer a wide range of pricing options for private lessons.

We also encourage our students to register at jiujitsupedia.com. Jiujitsupedia was designed by Paragon founder Franjinha and Paragon Santa Barbara head instructor, Sean Apperson. to provide excellent online instruction for their students. This website is an invaluable resource to review old lessons and learn new grappling techniques from Paragon instructors, world champions, and Olympic medalists.

While there are a variety of quality BJJ tutorials online, we encourage our students to use Jiujitsupedia, especially when they first start training. Unfortunately, there are many subpar instructional videos on the internet (some produced by "instructors" who falsely claim to be black belts) and until you progress in your training, it will be difficult to distinguish the trash from the treasure.