Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes | Paragon Academy

Orientation Class

The orientation class is an overview of the fundamentals of BJJ and some of the basic positions utilized in class. We like to give our students the big picture in this short class and get them comfortable with all the basic body movements required for the sport. Expect to learn forward and backward rolls, hip escapes, the bridge escape, and be introduced to some of the basic concepts and rules of the sport.

Beginners Program

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program at Paragon is a 6 month course run on a weekly lesson plan. Though Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is complex, our intro program is designed to break down the essential concepts of the sport making it much easier for our students to learn. Each lesson will focus on one position (side control, full mount, half guard, etc.) that we will cover in detail for the entire week. If possible, we suggest students come to class 3-4 days per week so they can review the same lesson multiple times.

The class begins with Paragon's famous "warm up" that gets our students in shape with fun and challenging bodyweight exercises and BJJ drills. After the warm up, students will learn a "standing technique" (take down attacks and defenses derived from judo and wrestling) prior to the BJJ lesson of the week. The class ends with a live sparring "positional training," which helps students reinforce the lesson of the week and strengthen their overall skills in BJJ. Each class is 90 minutes long.

Our beginner's program is designed to take our students from white to blue belt (the second rank in BJJ). The learning experience is different for every student, but this process typically takes one to two years.

Intermediate Program

After students receive their blue belt, they may attend the Intermediate Program.

In the Intermediate Program, the warm-up is more intense to push our student's cardio and strength. The class is structured similarly to the Beginner's Program (warm up, standing technique, weekly lesson plan, positional training) but with a much greater emphasis on the finer details of the techniques. While more advanced techniques are introduced in this class, we still focus on reviewing the basics, since a strong fundamental base is essential in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We encourage our students to attend 3-4 classes a week at this level.

In the Intermediate Program, many students begin to finally see the "big picture" of BJJ and recognize the intricacies and chess-like strategy of this great sport.

Our intermediate program is designed to take our students from blue to purple belt. The learning experience is different for every student, but this process typically takes two to three years.

Advanced Program

After students receive their purple belt or are invited by the instructor, they may enter the Advanced Program. The Advanced Program follows a similar curriculum to the Basic and Intermediate Programs, but is much more intense, both physically and mentally, for our students. Trust us, if you've made it to this level, you can handle it! We encourage our students to attend 4-5 classes a week at this level.

Our Advanced Program is designed to take our students from purple to black belt...and beyond! It is important to remember that even with regular attendance, it takes most students at least a decade to earn their black belt in BJJ. But the true reward in this sport is not the fabric around your waist, it's the obstacles you've overcome, the friends you've made, and the person you've become in the process.