Boxing Classes | Paragon Academy

Orientation Class

The orientation class is an overview of the fundamentals of Boxing and some of the basic striking utilized in class. We like to give our students the big picture in this short class and get them comfortable with all the basic body movements required for the sport. Expect to learn jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body shot and be introduced to some of the basic concepts and rules of the sport.

Beginners Boxing Program

The beginners Boxing Program offers you a no-frills boxing program that emphasizes real techniques, training methods and ring wisdom. This program is designed to teach students of all backgrounds the basics of boxing. All fundamental skills, from hitting the mitts to jumping rope are taught in every class and are reviewed on a weekly basis. Typically, students, from hobbyist to professional are encouraged to attend these classes as a strong fundamental base is essential in the sport of boxing.

Intermediate/Advanced Program

As students advance in their skill set, they can begin to focus on more technical details than at the Beginners Level, with a greater emphasis on defensive skills and fitness. The drills and combinations in this class are also much more challenging, both mentally and physically, for our students. The increased difficulty of this class not only leads to massive improvements for our students, but an increased enjoyment of the sport as well.

The intermediate/advanced Boxing Program places a huge emphasis on overall fitness and strength and conditioning. During the class various strength and conditioning drills will be incorporated which will help the students' speed, power and footwork when striking. This portion of the class will push the student's cardio to the limit and increase their overall athletic skill level.

Beginners Sparring/Advanced Skills Class
(full sparring gear required)

After being invited by an instructor, students may attend the Beginners Sparring/Advanced Skills Program. This class focuses on improving boxing skills through light sparring and sparring drills. There is only light contact in this class, but we require our students to wear full sparring gear to minimize injury risk. Because boxing students will be mixed in with kickboxing students during the sparring class, instructors will specify individuals to use hands and/or kicks.

Gear requirements
  • Mouth piece
  • Sparring gloves
  • Groin protector

The sparring in this class is controlled and light so students can get a feel for live sparring with minimal risk of injury. Multiple coaches are present during this class to monitor the pace and keep the action light, safe, and fun for everyone.

Open Sparring
(full sparring gear required)

This class is only available for our most advanced boxing students with approval from the entire kickboxing and boxing faculty. The sparring in this class is full contact to help train and prepare our students for competition, both amateur and professional. Students must register with the Southern California Boxing Association and keep an updated membership on file at Paragon to participate in Open Sparring.